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Your Inspiration at Home - New and Exciting!
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Posted 1:48 AM Oct. 4, 2009

Hello Everyone,


I have recently signed up to become a consultant with "Your Inspiration at Home". It is a new Party Plan Divison of Buderhim Ginger "Where Everyday Tastes Gourmet" featuring Good Taste Demonstrations.


The products include Kitchen Gadgets, Gourmet Food, Children Cooking Utensils to name a few!


If anyone is interested in this new fantastic party plan - please private message me!


I have just started but in less than 2 days have secured 11 party bookings.





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Posted 7:43 PM Jun. 12, 2011

Hi Melissa,


I have just discoverd Your inspiration at home. Could you please tell me a bit about how you are going with it? I hope to purchase my kit at the start of July.