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Brilliant party plan stickers ,etc
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Posted 9:14 PM Apr. 13, 2007

Hi all,

I dont know if you all know about this site yet, but it is BRILLIANT

Check out they have heaps of stickers, cards, display ideas, etc for all things party plan.

They have heaps of partylite stuff so if you do candles it is fantastic, but they do have other stuff that anyone in pp can use.

The catch is they are in the States, so the postage is a bit high.

Check it out, I would love to know what you think.

I have just had my first order arrive - they are really prompt and friendly and the products are excellent quality.

I got straight online and ordered more!


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Posted 9:41 PM Apr. 13, 2007
How COOL................great stuff By Drag&Drop
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Posted 11:20 PM Apr. 13, 2007
looks very interesting. Have to take some time for a real good look. Postage would prob be worth it if you brought in bulk - or if a couple of people put an order in together.
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Posted 12:13 AM Apr. 14, 2007

Hi Dannielle,    thanks for sharing - it looks like a really good site.  I always look on The Booster site that also has heaps of Party Plan related items - however, keep searching hoping I'll come across an Australian company so that I can purchase items closer to home.

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Posted 3:10 AM Apr. 14, 2007

An Australian company would be FANTASTIC!

Save heaps on postage - so I could order more!By Drag&Drop


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Posted 3:18 AM Apr. 14, 2007
YES Danielle it owuld great to find an Aussie Site
Postage can be such a pain By Drag&Drop We would save heaps of money if we had FREE postage LOL By Drag&Drop
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Posted 4:52 PM Apr. 15, 2007
I do PartyLite so the site is an absolute blast for me.  I shop there all the time and really the stuff is so good that the postage is ok.  You can always get together with a few people and order together and split the postage.  You get free things when you order, the bigger the order the more free things - although it is random about who benefits from teh free things.  Candle stickers are good, perfume not so good! 
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Posted 7:02 PM Apr. 15, 2007

Looks interesting..........theres a little business looking for one in OZ.

Hey Kath - whats this BOOSTER thing???

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Posted 1:02 AM Apr. 18, 2007

Hey Kath

What did you say the booster site was again??????????

www. ????????

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Posted 2:54 AM Apr. 18, 2007
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Posted 4:50 AM Apr. 18, 2007

Thanks Zammy!     Just come home from our Team Saufishticated meeting and saw the post.


Has anyone used both sites at all?  Just wondering which one is best.

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Posted 4:54 AM Apr. 18, 2007

I want something from Both SITES!!!

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Posted 1:48 AM Apr. 19, 2007

I always use The Booster. Had not heard of the other one.

The Booster stickers are slightly dearer  US$1.99 compared to US$1.25 but you can reduce your costs by bulk buying.

Using the link in the post above, go to the left of the page, click on "Stickers' then click on the little "view" sign alongside to see the discount amounts. E.G. buy 4-10 sheets & save 10.05% each. Buy 11 - 20 sheets & save 20.1% each and so on.

As I am using them all the time I usually buy 11 + sheets at a time.

Then you get FREE products (Their choice) as your purchases go up.

E.G. Over $25   Over $35   Over $60  Over $90  Over $125

I always try to put in an order of  US$125 + NET (After all coupons) In other words if I am claiming a $10 coupon I order US$135 + in products.

  That entitles me to all 5 gifts listed above.  Apart from whatever free products they send you it also includes 1 x US$5 coupon + 1 x US$10 coupon + Free Delivery, which is US$10.95 - The equivelant to "Within US postage".

They have a system where they use US$9 post packs. A US$125 + order usually takes 3 x US$9 post packs to send, but my US$5 + US$10 coupon + US$10.95 free postage just about covers the postage. Plus I get the free product.

Make sure you join their "Idea of the week" club. See the purple box to the left of the front page.

The idea of the week club is a weekly email and you also go in the weekly draw for a US$25 voucher.

I hope the above info has been helpful.

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Posted 2:21 AM Apr. 27, 2007
Wow!  This is a really helpful thread. :) 

*tries not to go crazy with stationary supplies*

I just can't resist stationary type stuff. :)

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Posted 6:25 PM Apr. 27, 2007

Hi I use these sites too, try this one as well

great useful things


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Posted 6:56 PM Apr. 28, 2007

[Posted by former member number 147] may be I am a bit of a skin flint but why pay for something you can do yourself.  I have always used things like this but have made them up myself using labels and a brilliant design program.

As far as the buttons go you can buy these kits at Spotlight and make your own. 

None of this honestly takes all that long to do.  You can get all shapes and sizes of labels and leave the rest to your imagination.  Try it - you will save money and have the great satifaction of knowing that you did it yourself - that's always nice.


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Posted 9:30 AM Feb. 6, 2011

Hi all


Take a look at Its a similar kind of website to exprees yourself online but its quite new so not as many products. They ask for product suggestions so email them with anything you need. Cheaper postage as it's a uk business!


J x

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Posted 11:44 PM Feb. 6, 2011
Why not shop Australian

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Posted 6:21 PM Feb. 7, 2011

Just had a look at the sticker site and I loved the designs but the only thing wrong is you don't find out until the very end what the postage is. I was only going to spend less than $10 and it was going to cost over $30 to have it sent. I will diffently be looking for an Aussie sit.Smiley

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Posted 2:07 PM Feb. 8, 2011
Thanks for sharing this great site and yes anything we can get from Australia is a bonus , saves a fortune on postage.

have a great day everyone

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