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"...Natural and Organic Mineral Cosmetics and Skin Care. Exciting ground floor opportunity. Browse, Shop, Host a Party or Join me"
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Married nearly 30 years. Blessed with 4 children ages 29,19,18,16. My day job is co-owner of a daycare with my best friend. I love the Lord with everything I have. RIP Michele my sister in christ and good friend. I will see you again soon!

After 4 years I was burning out and long to pursue other interests. Recently I was introduced to Created Natural mineral cosmetics and organic skin care. I am partnering with them to launch my own business with thier ground floor opportunity. We include only natural ingredients that calm, sooth and are good for you!

My desire is to share Created Natural products with others who are concerned about fillers and chemicals in their skin care products. Partner with others who want to do the same and build a strong-viable network of women. Empowered and uniquely poised to change the lives of others through education, tips and proper mineral usage.

Mineral Cosmetics is a growing industry..come Grow with us!
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